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Welcome Jewish Community Of Malta

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Chabad Jewish Center of Malta was established in 2013 ((5773 by Rabbi Chaim Shalom and Mrs. Chaya Mushka Segel as emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Center in Malta is part of the extensive activities of bringing the light Torah and Chassidus to every place where there are Jews through brotherly love (Ahavat Yisroel) and pleasant hospitality. Based on the verse “You should burst through to the east, to the west, to the north and to the south” The Lubavitcher Rebbe sends his emissaries all over the world – to break through new paths to the hearts of all Jews the world over and thus bring the Final Redemption along with the Beis Hamikdash – The Holy Temple.

The Chabad House has a variety of events. The activities and services that we offer will help you to find peace for your soul and an answer to all your spiritual needs: Jewish studies, religious items and books for sale and borrowing, bar-mitzvah preparation, prayer services on Shabbas and Jewish Holidays, and guidance in the entire Jewish life.

You can also just call or come to the Chabad House. We will always try to give sympathetic ear, advise and help.

We believe that the Torah and Judaism belongs to all of us. We think that it’s possible to benefit from authentic Judaism without feeling pressure or felling threatened.

Therefor we are in the Jewish center – Chabad of Malta, your address for all Jewish matters.