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Property Status & Location

St Julians

Interior Details

Ground office Floorspace in m2. = 25.36 square metre
Ground Level Bathroom and Stirs Area = 9.78 square metre
Uplevel  Stairs Void = 2m2.- 2nd office Floor 8 square metre
Totals of proximity of 42.74 m2.

Property Type

4A Class, Offices

Property Description

Situated on the border of San Gwann and St Julians in the Village area, this 2-level office is approved for class 4A use. The property is currently unfurnished and requires the installation of windows and a wall. All floor plans and beams are ready, overseen by a civil engineer appointed for the job. It presents a blank canvas for customisation according to your preferences. You’ll need to find your own builder to open a 3-meter wall and install two windows. The permit for these alterations must be obtained by June 2027.

The main room has a ceiling height of 3.2 meters, while the second part boasts a height of 4.6 meters. Street drainage connections are already in place. The property offers outstanding views of the valley, and ample parking is available in the surrounding streets, thanks to the presence of large villas in the area. It is conveniently located, being 750 meters from Welbees Supermarket, 840 meters from San Julians McDonald’s, and 1 kilometre from Mercury Towers.

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