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Commercial Property Classes

Malta’s commercial properties are categorized into 18 classes, each with its unique permit, specifying usage parameters and guidelines for legal business or commercial activities. Whether you plan to buy or rent commercial property in Malta, understanding the property class or required licence is essential.

Category A

Class 1: Residential properties like apartments, villas, or private houses with a part used for commercial purposes.

Category B

Class 2A: Residential institutions like elderly care homes or hospitals.

Class 2B: Institutions like museums, public halls, and libraries.

Class 2C: Educational institutions like nurseries, kindergartens, schools, or colleges.

Category C

Class 3A: Guesthouses or hostels for temporary accommodation.

Class 3B: Hotels for larger-scale temporary accommodation.

Class 3C: Theatres, cinemas, or facilities for larger gatherings.

Class 3D: Marine premises for sailing, mooring, diving, boat-related services, and water sports activities.

Category D

Class 4A: Offices for business operations.

Class 4B: Retail shops for various goods (excluding vehicles).

Class 4C: Food and drink establishments without cooking facilities.

Class 4D: Food and drink establishments with cooking facilities.

Category E

Class 5A: Light industries like crafts, product development, etc.

Class 5B: More intensive industries with machinery and complex manufacturing processes.

Class 5C: Intensive industries involving metal, minerals, or other products with serious machinery and working processes.

Category F

Class 6A: Businesses requiring warehouses and storage facilities.

Class 6B: Maritime businesses for boat repair, building, or storage.

Category G

Class 7: Farming premises for storing or processing animals and crops.

Category H

Class 8: Fishing or ocean-related agricultural work.

Cost and location depend on your specific commercial activity, with various variables at play. If you have a budget and clear vision, contact us today, and we’ll help you find properties that align with your specifications.